Stabilize Your Building Foundation With The Help of Underpinning

If your building’s foundation is not strong enough, it would start moving after a few years. As this foundation movement increases, it would eventually lead to the bending, cracking and rotating of the footings.

Foundation Underpinning Melbourne

Foundation Underpinning Melbourne

This may, in turn, cause the walls and slabs (which are attached to the foundation directly) to crack as well. The structural integrity of the building is compromised in the long run.

Further, the moving foundations can lead to a lot of complications for the building if proper attention and timely care are not given. However, here are a few areas which should be focused upon to prevent that from happening:

  • Find the cause of the movement in the foundation
  • Decide on the underpinning method to be used
  • Decide on the budget
  • Prepare for the underpinning

Possible Causes of Movement in the Foundation

  • Faulty construction method

    The design of the construction and the way in which the foundation was raised is one of the reasons for the movement in the foundation of a building in future. Substandard materials and unskilled workmanship is the main reason for the movement of the foundation.

    Faulty Construction Method in Foundation Underpinning

    Faulty Construction Method in Foundation Underpinning

    There are certain norms which need to be followed while constructing buildings but if that is not followed, then at times, it might lead to movement in the foundation.

  • Environmental changes

    Environmental or manmade changes in the surrounding environment could also be a reason for the movement of the building’s foundation. These would include certain changes in the soil moisture content, cutting down of trees at large in the nearby areas, changes caused to the water table as a result of certain manmade activities, adjacent excavation, extensive groundwater use and repletion of water resource uses.

    However, the effect of these activities on the foundation of the buildings might not be observed initially. It can be noticed only after a few years have passed by.

  • Alterations or additions in buildings

    If you are considering some construction of new walls or slabs around the house which are not in accordance with the previously laid out plan, then this might lead to some drastic defects in the foundation of your house and lead to its movement in the near future. This might also lead to the bending and the cracking of other walls in and around the house.

  • Age of building

    The age of the building is also a very important determinant with respect to the movement of the foundation of that particular building. These old houses might stand strong but their walls might develop cracks eventually.

    Solution of Foundation Problems Melbourne

    Solution of Foundation Problems Melbourne

Precautions To Be Taken

There are certain precautions that need to be taken to safeguard the integrity of the house and the wellbeing of the people living in it. You should be checking for any possible signs of the movement in the foundations.

The signs include, doors and windows getting jammed while opening and closing, they tend to rub extensively against each other. Another sign is the appearance of light cracks near the doors and the windows. One must see the exact position of the crack, mark it, measure it and record it in order to compare it with other things. The sooner you notice it and take action against it the better the condition of your house remains in the long run.

Methods To Stabilize Foundations

There are many different methods used for the stabilization of foundation and one of these must be chosen depending on the property type and the kind of requirement. Some of the methods to stabilize the foundation would include:

  • Microfine cement grout soil injection

    This is one of the methods of resin injection which makes sure that the ground is firm enough to hold the building upright and protect it from movement.

    Foundation Underpinning Melbourne

    Foundation Underpinning Melbourne

  • Concrete bored piles

    This is one of the most traditional methods of stabilizing the foundation.

  • Traditional underpinning

    This is somewhat similar to the concrete bored piles and can be used effectively to stabilize the foundation.

  • Screwpile underpins

    This is another very primitive method of stabilizing the foundation. In this method, screw piles are used to hold the structure of the building.

  • Ground Moisture injection system

    This is another very effective method of stabilizing the foundation of buildings. This is supposedly one of the most environmentally friendly methods of stabilizing the foundation and the base of a building and preserving it for the long term.

These are some of the methods through which you can stabilize your building foundation. For any queries, contact our underpinning experts today. For more Details Check  Underpinning Services