Reblocking Chirnside Park

If you have been noticing a slight slanting of the floor every time you move or cracks between the floorboard, it might be time for reblocking your house.

Reblocking is a process in which the old stumps are removed and replaced by new concrete or timber stumps. This process is necessary to level your house and give it a strong foundation.

Strong Foundation provides reliable and efficient reblocking services in the Chirnside Park area.

Reblocking  Chirnside Park

Reblocking Chirnside Park


Signs your house needs reblocking –

  • Your floors are spongy.
  • There are noticeable spaces (gaps) around your windows and doors.
  • Bouncy floors.
  • You notice a slanting when you walk on the floor.
  • Cracks in plaster and/or bricks.
  • Misaligned doors/windows.
  • Your house has recently been hit by a natural disaster
  • You’ve been noticing some waterlogging in the house.

All the above-mentioned signs mean that the stumps (the building blocks) of your house have either become weak or are old and worn out. This is quite natural for houses that have their base on low-quality stumps or houses that are more than 25-30 years old. It can also happen when a natural disaster such as an earthquake or a flood has hit your area.

When the stumps of your house are in poor condition, the floor may become uneven or develop cracks. Your house may start feeling lower at some spots while higher at others. And since your house stands on these stumps, their weakening means that the basic structure of your house has become shaky. This will not only make your house more susceptible to the harmful effects of future natural disasters but also prove to be a safety hazard for you and your family.

Why is reblocking important?

Most people don’t realize how important reblocking is until something dangerous happens. But when you can avoid such disasters by just being a little more observant of the needs of your house, then why wait?

Experts say that you should check your house once every so often for cracks or any other discord in order to prevent accidents and keep your house in a pristine condition. And if your house is older than 25-30 years, make sure to get a complete renovation. The renovation is not only done to enhance the appearance of the house. It is also important to keep the house safe and in proper working condition.

House Reblocking Service

House Reblocking Service

Why is the company the right choice for you?

  • We offer effective and reliable services.
  • Our initial inspection is completely free of cost.
  • Reblocking is no easy task. To remove the stumps, we have to lift the entire house first. And it’s very important to make sure that the foundation of your house has been laid strongly since your safety depends on it.

To make this happen, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff who are well trained and equipped with the proper knowledge of reblocking.

  • Our team is friendly and will help you whenever there is a need.
  • We have been in business for the past so many years. Hence, you can trust us and be sure of the quality of the services that our company offers.
  • We provide easy and affordable services with no extra charges.
  • The stumps we use are completely safe and verified for their quality (you can get more details by contacting us).
  • We use high quality and technologically sound equipment and machines.
  • We also have a record of 100% customer satisfaction over the years.
  • If you ever have a query, you can contact us on the numbers provided below. We provide 24×7 customer support system.

    Reblocking Specialists

    Reblocking Specialists


How do we work?

Booking a service

For the process to start, you first need to book an appointment with us. You can easily find our contact information at the end of the page – you can either give us a call or email us for online booking.

Visiting and Inspection

Once your appointment is fixed, our team will visit your house at the decided time. They will inspect the house (which is 100% free of cost) and look for damage, areas to work etc. Our field workers will take note of every little detail and make a report on your property which will include things like construction rules and regulations, the quality of stumps, the details of damage and its potential solutions, etc. After completing the report, they will explain to you the entire process of how reblocking will be done. They will also tell you the amount of time it will take for the process to be complete.


Reblocking / Restumping

This process might take a few days to a week but all that we will communicate to you prior to beginning the work.

  • The first thing we do is to take out all the boards and jacks.
  • Then we lift up the house using hydraulic jacks.
  • After that, we dig holes to find the plate.
  • Once we find the plate, we finally remove all the old stumps.
  • We also check the area to take a note if there’s a need for replacing or repairing something.
  • We then pour high quality concrete before placing the new stumps back in place.
  • And we also make sure to check the levelling of the house before putting in the concrete.
  • When the concrete is completely dry, we put the house back in place.

    Restumping Service

    Restumping Service

Another Inspection and Cleaning Up

After the restumping process is complete, our team will do one last inspection and clean up the entire area to give you a ready to live in, clean house. Reblocking a house is a big task and requires excellent services, 100% commitment, and trustworthy experience. Strong Foundation provides you with all that and a lot more. So, if your house is starting to show some signs and you need a good reblocking/restumping done, you ought to avail professional help and make your house safer to live in.

We are a leading company providing reblocking services for long. Hence, we know of every tip and trick to make the foundation of your house strong. Our team is a perfect example of dedication and hard work and hence, they can do the task with much ease. Moreover, they are available 24*7 to assist you in your needs. All that you need to do is give a call on 03 4050 7423 to book our services.

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Location: Chirnside Park, VIC, Australia