Everything About Underpinning- Method & Procedure

Underpinning is the process of foundation repair of your home. There are certain factors that contribute to the damage and make your house foundation weak. These factors can be the poor soil conditions, poor house construction, change in climate, natural disasters, and in fact the time itself. Under such conditions, underpinning is the panacea that helps to stabilize the house foundation problems. Underpinning is the method, that is used for house foundation repair and strengthening. The method of underpinning involves the installation of temporary and permanent support to an already existing building. There are a number of underpinning methods that are used depending upon the soil conditions and structure of the home and building. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss the different methods and need for underpinning.

Underpinning Service

Underpinning Service

Method of Underpinning A House

Here is the list of the methods of underpinning a house, read all the points thoroughly and decide the right underpinning method for your home.

Mass Concrete Underpinning (Pit Method)

Pit method is the traditional method of underpinning that has been in use for centuries. This is an expensive and time-consuming, but a reliable method that gives the best results for house foundation repair. In the pit method, the soil is dug in a controlled manner with the intention of making voids beneath the existing the building. The pit is extended until a stable stratum is achieved. And when a specified level is achieved, the pit is then filled the concrete that works as the foundation of the existing foundation. This is an uncomplicated method which is best for the shallow foundation.

Mini Piled Underpinning

Mini Piled Underpinning Service

Mini Piled Underpinning Service

This underpinning method is suitable for the properties where the ground conditions are variable, the nature of the soil is not constant, and the access to the foundation is limited. This method is also applicable where the loads from the foundation have to be transferred to stable grounds at a distance greater than 5m.

Pier and Beam Underpinning Method

Also known as Beam and Base Method, this process includes the construction of supporting concrete beams below or above the existing foundation that works as the replacement of the current foundation. Loads of the foundation is transferred to this concrete beam. The construction of this concrete beam completely depends upon the structure of the foundation is building standing, and the type of load applied to the foundation. This method is feasible for almost every ground condition.

Cantilever Needle Beam Method

Cantilever Needle Beam is an updated version of Mass Concrete Method. This method is used when the foundation has to be extended to one side and the building has a stronger interior column. Two mini-pipes compression and tension are installed, and a reinforcing concrete beam is constructed linking the two piles. This method is used where the traditional underpinning method is not right because the existing foundation is too deep, which is too expensive to dig. This method is faster than the traditional underpinning method.

Cantilever Needle Beam Service

Cantilever Needle Beam Service

Opt for Experts’ Advice

If you find it difficult to decide which underpinning method to choose for your house foundation repair, better take the experts’ advice. And by experts, we mean Strong Foundation professionals. With the years of experience, skills and knowledge we can do all the necessary work needed for your house foundation. We will inspect your property thoroughly and then will suggest you the right underpinning method.