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Reasons for Underpinning your House

We all love staying in our homes with our family. Our homes are where we grow up and live for most of our lives. And therefore structural integrity of our homes is necessary. Our houses are held upon by their foundations, if there is any damage to the foundation, the whole structure is at risk. So we have to make sure it’s stable and strong. Underpinning is the process which is done to repair and strengthen the foundations of any structure including our homes. There are various reasons you might need underpinning and each one in itself is enough a reason to get House Underpinning. Some of them are listed below.

House Underpinning

House Underpinning

Reasons for Underpinning you House

  • Soil TypeMost of the structure and our house are built on clay soil. Clay soil is expansive in nature. It can easily absorb water to expand and lose water to contract. This variation can do serious damage to your foundation requiring House Foundation Repair. To underpin a house one should always start with House Foundation Repair and Structural Damage Repair.
  • Construction of an Extra Floor.With the expansion of one’s family, a person may decide to expand his house a well, therefore adding an extra floor to it. Adding an extra floor exerts a lot of pressure to the foundation. If the foundation is strong and was made by using good materials, then it’s all well and good. But if the foundation is already damaged, you have to opt for House Foundation Repair first. So, House Underpinning is necessary before the construction of an extra floor.
  • Slope FailureThe soil deep beneath your foundation can actually move or shift it. The movement of soil can cause damage and landslides. Specially designed underpinning is mandatory to resist slope and stand strong. If your house is located in an area which is prone to landslides, then you should get House Underpinning done.
  • Poor ConstructionEverybody knows the importance of a good and strong constructed structure. Poor construction can lead to damage and instability. This puts you in danger and your building may get damaged. The Underpinning of The House should be performed if you face the problem of poor construction.
House Foundation Repair

House Foundation Repair

Seek Professionals Assistance at Strong Foundation, Melbourne

Strong Foundation will fulfill all your underpinning need for commercial as well as residential properties. If you see any cracks, structural damage or damage in the foundations you can hire our esteemed service. Our expert engineers use modern tools and machinery for House Underpinning. Our company provides each and every type of house underpinning and delivers guaranteed results.